Seahawk’s are a super economy, multi-purpose tunnel system.

This suits middle season growers who are less concerned about risk of wind.

Seahawk’s normally stay within the standard strength range and use the 150 micron plastic. They are usually a low air volume tunnel system, encouraging fast growth.

The Seahawk’s are a very useful undercover farming system for short season crops that can be used for the full cropping programme.

The Seahawk normally comes in size 6m-8m and all have full standard tractor access and come available as a semi- permanent structure only.

With easy manual ventilation, they can be almost completely open similar to an outside system

After the season has finished, the plastic is rolled up and put to bed for winter to be used for next season.

All of our tunnel systems have full standard tractor access and can be semi permanent or permanent.

After the season is finished, plastic can be rolled up and to bed for winter to be used for next season.

Sea Hawk's QuickFacts

> The ‘economy’ tunnel
> Suitable for middle season production
> Suitable for the full cropping programme
> Available as semi-permanent structure only

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