The Osprey Tunnels pioneered the beginning of growing strawberries under cover in permanent poly tunnels, on table tops 30 years ago, on their own farm.

Since then, we have been growing strawberries and perfecting the growing techniques to a world class standard. Meanwhile we developed a polytunnel company, which has sold a large hectarage of polytunnels to many growers, covering some twenty countries. Also Osprey have perfected many different growing systems, that operate underneath these structures. In the last couple of years, Osprey are now a highly specialised Greenhouse company. Osprey now are, one of the most advanced Greenhouse organisations in the world, offering some of the most advanced growing systems in the horticultural industry. Our greatest selling feature is that we strongly support our growers, who invest in our systems, by giving them the best advice from our knowledge and experience.

We specialised in turnkey projects covering a multitude of crops in a wide range of climatic conditions through out the world.

Osprey specialises in irrigation systems and substrate growing systems, supported by our wealth of growing knowledge to give the customer peace of mind and access to the very best growing techniques.

Osprey offers the complete package from planting to marketing of a wide range of horticulture crops.



Osprey are masters at the top end of Strawberry production in the world. We specialise in Table Top production and high performance field systems using advanced Polytunnels. Our unique and New Vertigro system is the first in the world using our completely unique 4-6 level growing system with Vertical LED lights, for all year round Strawberry production.



Osprey have developed a high performance substrate pot system that produces the highest yields possible. This production method produces multiple raspberry croppings per year, giving very high quality sweet fruits. Blueberries equally are produced over a long season in advanced polytunnels using varietal spread, are producing the highest quality fruits.



Osprey can develop a full turnkey project for tomatoes growers incorporating full technologies of irrigation, ventilation, heat systems and intelligent controls etc.
Osprey’s High tunnel Tomato house is a popular low cost growing system.



Osprey are specialists in hydroponics using NFT plastic channel systems either on the level or on A frame systems, and floating bed systems. Turnkey projects of these advanced growing systems fit in both our Greenhouse and Polytunnels ranges.



Osprey have been involved in a number of huge flower enterprises around the globe and turn-key projects are our specialisation.



Osprey do offer top class grower turnkey projects, that are producing high quality, high yields in cannabis growing. In recent years Osprey has developed lower cost cannabis systems and have perfected our own unique light deprivation system.

Osprey specialised in full turnkey projects for Cannabis growers.

We offer all systems relating to strain choice, growing, curing/drying to achieve the end marketed product. Our advanced full technologies in irrigation, ventilation, heat systems, intelligent controls, make us a world class project developer.

The new Alpha & Omega Houses with full light deprivation have joined our armoury as a great option for Cannabis growing.



What Osprey can offer:

1. Full turnkey irrigation
2. Plastic channel NFT ( one level)
3. Strawberry production Table Tops ( Economy)
4. Strawberry Trough Table Tops ( Advanced)
5. Strawberry VertiGro System
6. Double Trough Table Tops
7. Triple Plastic Trough Table Tops
8. Raspberry/ Blueberry substrate pot system.
9. Suspended and ground metal trough system
10. Coir or Coco peat substrate systems are the most popular growing medium.


Osprey has developed our Rainbow Gutter System that introduces an eco-cost to our Osprey structures, and an effective retro-fit to existing Greenhouses.

We have perfected and innovated our hydroponics in several crop types, in substrates and flow water systems.

We have built a consultative service that supports existing and new projects where a customer requires our growing experience to guarantee their project becomes a winner.



Alpha Houses

Omega Houses

These are state of the art new growing houses that join the elitist grower repertoire.