The advantages of tunnels

• For rain protection during flowering and picking
• Frost protection in early and late crops
• Early production system – forcing on crops at the beginning and the end of the season
• Working within a controlled atmosphere- climate, ventilation and irrigation.
• Shelf life and quality of soft fruits and other products is improved by covering crops
• Better use of biological controls and can reduce the pesticide usage substantially
• Insect invasion including Drosophila Suzukii fly (SWD) can be kept out of the crop
• Cool crops down with correct choice of plastics and their cooling agents
• Correct plastics and agents can reduce frost agents and improve earliness
• Pollination is improved
• General quality and finish of the crop is much improved
• Tunnels managed correctly can keep the pickers happy, guaranteeing daily work
• Guarantees supply to top multiples on a daily basis without excuses of losses

“In many cases there is a yield improvement – protecting crops from the elements can increase yield of blueberry crop by 30% by having them under cover”

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