Kingfisher’s are a multi purpose growing structure for growing strawberries, cane, bush fruits, vines, vegetables, flowers and much more.

They are ideally suited for early to mid season and late production with the suitable chosen accessories.

The Kingfisher series is the evolution of Ospreys multispan tunnel system after 25 years of experience in the growing industry. It offers a multispan tunnel system that brings all the advantages and improvements of growing under a multi connected polytunnel system. The Kingfisher comes in 2 strength types:

The Standard range – the original technology of our Multispan models. This system normally uses 150 micron plastic and is a popular system for seasonal or semi-permanent covering of a multitude of fruit and vegetable crops.

The Samson range – The new Samson range is a far stronger multispan tunnel system using 2mm wall thickness tube and in the higher cases 2.5mm wall thicknesses. Most of our new permanent tunnel structures use the Samson series. In high wind risk areas the Samson series is the preferred choice of structure. The Kingfisher Samson structures can use the 150 micron plastic or in many cases the 180 micron plastic, particularly when creating a permanent tunnel.

The Kingfisher has a combination of new door systems, curtain systems and also our own unique rainbow gutter system which has become our standard guttering feature in the Kingfisher range. The system has easy manual ventilation and can be almost completely open similar to an outside system.

The Kingfisher tunnel normally comes in sizes of 6.5m to a max of 10m.

All of our tunnel systems have full standard tractor access and can be semi permanent or permanent.

After the season is finished, plastic can be rolled up and to bed for winter to be used for next season.

Kingfisher Quick Facts

> Suitable for soft fruits, cane fruits, bush fruits, vines, vegetables, flowers & more
> Suitable for early to late production
> The flexibility of semi-permanent or permanent structures
> Comes with our own unique Rainbow Gutter System

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