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With the Osprey Kosy Tunnel, the climate in the house is much warmer than other structures as the plastic film finishes neatly on the ground surface, but still incorporating the ability to fully vent the house.

Kosy Tunnels come in five mark series with differing strengths and abilities, with Samson class strength available. The design is a multispan structure joined on the ground that gives added strength with closer hoop spacings than other structures. 

The size of the tunnel can be between 7m-8.4m. The system has become very popular with early and late strawberry and raspberry growers throughout the UK and continental Europe.

Field trials conducted by a leading marketing group, discovered Kosy tunnels to regularly record 2-3 degrees above other structures including the expensive jack-up tunnel systems. This means that growers get earlier crops and higher prices.

The Osprey Kosy Tunnels are covering early and late strawberry and raspberry plantations with great success. There is interest from the economic low cost greenhouse market for salads, asparagus, early potatoes, rhubarb, flowers and more.

The Osprey team will recommend thicker micron plastic films from the Osprey Polyplastic range for this very robust structure.

All of our tunnels have full standard tractor access and can be semi permanent or permanent structures.


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